A respected educator and nationally sought after speaker, Shelley Siegel has facilitated professional development workshops for the interior design and construction industry for more than 25 years. Her ability to communicate on a level easily understood by any audience combined with her keen listening skills makes her the logical choice when considering fulfilling continuing education requirements.

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seminars_clip_image002NCIDQ Certification gives the interior designer a sense of personal achievement and contributes not only to the individual’s professional recognition but also to the recognition of the profession as a whole. Passing the NCIDQ exam provides interior designers with peer recognition and promotes public acceptance through awareness of a profession with certified practitioners. This NCIDQ Exam Study Workshop is an extensive overview of the scope of the information needed for successful completion of NCIDQ exam.

Developed and facilitated by Shelley Siegel, FASID, the NCIDQ Exam Study Workshops allows you to work at your own pace as well as having the benefit of personalized instruction. Complete reading assignments at home, discuss readings with instructor to reinforce material, take practice exams, and complete practice scenarios in a casual group setting. This workshop follows the format of the new NCIDQ exam.

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Corporate & Association Strategic Planning

seminars_clip_image006The SWOT Analysis is a powerful tool for understanding an organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and for looking at the Opportunities and Threats faced by them in the present economy. When used in a business context, it helps to create and/or maintain a presence in the market. Used in a personal context, it helps you develop leadership skills by taking the best advantage of talents, abilities and opportunities.

Using SWOT as a vital business tool is essential to the continued success of any organization and is dependent on the skills of an experienced facilitator like Shelley  Siegel to keep participants focused and create an atmosphere of ownership.

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Repair and Painting Rule (RRP)

seminars_clip_image008In April 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a rule that has significant impact on the renovation and remodeling industry. The Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) changes how contractors go about working on certain buildings constructed before 1978. If you work on a house or child occupied facility built before 1978, the new RRP Rule may apply regardless of who owns the facility or who is paying for the work.

The EPA’s deadline for Lead-Safe Certification is quickly approaching and you must be trained if you intend to work on any target-housing or child occupied facilities in the future. Any contractor, from plumbers to electricians to painters, who disturbs lead paint while working in a pre-1978 home, school or day care center, now must be Lead-Safe Certified. If you’re not, you can face $37,500.00 in fines. Plus, you put the health of yourself, your workers, your customers and your own family at risk, which could result in lawsuits. One class certifies you for five years. It’s that easy.

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