We’ve all watched them. Those interior design shows on HGTV and DIY are some of the most popular shows on cable TV. Whether it’s the Property Brothers, or Chip and JoJo, popular TV shows are driving the trends in interior design today.

While many of these programs showcase great ideas for homeowners considering renovation on their own homes, sometimes the ideas they show us are less than ideal, and sometimes they’re just plain silly.

Here are three silly ideas from TV shows, and some better interior design alternatives for you to consider when planning your own home remodeling project.

1. Fixer Upper Fails

Their empire started with some shiplap and random word “art” on their HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” Today, Chip and Joanna Gaines have built a design empire that includes hugely popular product lines at Target, best-selling books, and more. While it’s hard to deny, that JoJo’s signature plain and simple, modern country chic interior design style rocks, from farmhouse sinks to open airy floor plans, they’ve had their fair share of design misses over the years.

While they pretty much single-handedly made rustic reclaimed wood a major design trend, there was one renovation early in the second season that went way over the top. In this episode, not a single room didn’t get more than it’s fair share of reclaimed wood. Accent walls, wainscoting, bookcase, even the bathroom got the shiplap treatment.

The Fix – While rustic wood is definitely a beautiful look, less is often more. Create a feature wall, use wood accents like wainscoting or window frames, but don’t go overboard!

2. File This One Under – Uh Oh!

Home improvement shows aren’t just an American phenomena. In fact, many of today’s shows started in England, and they have plenty of bad ideas too! Changing Rooms is a British show that was the inspiration behind the popular TLC show Trading Spaces.

One famous fail on the British show involved “floating” shelving and an antique teapot collection. The interior designer created a unique floating shelf display to show off the homeowners fabulous (and valuable) antique teapot collection. Great idea right? Well, the crew built a beautiful floating shelf system, which was fine, until the decision to also place a bunch of heavy books onto the shelve with the teapots. The result? The shelves collapsed destroying a lifetime collection of irreplaceable antiques.

The Fix– Shelving is always a great way to display prized possessions. When you install a system, make sure it is properly, securely fastened to the studs to prevent disasters like this one!

3. The Living Wall

Living walls have made appearances on both British and American home improvement shows.  As an interior design element, plants can add a sense of warmth and comfort to a home, but living walls are just a plain bad idea. Especially if you don’t have a green thumb! Imagine heading out of town on vacation and coming home to a dead wall!

The Fix – Keep living walls confined to the patio! If you want to have a functional living space in your home, consider a garden window in the kitchen. You can have the beauty of plants, plus a ready herb garden at your fingertips when cooking.

Just because you saw it on your favorite home improvement show doesn’t mean it’s not a silly idea! When it comes to interior design, work closely with your designer to make sure they understand your creative vision for your home and do your research! Read interior design magazines, look at photographs online and whenever possible, work with a professional.