The Importance of Interior Design if You Choose to Age-In-Place

Currently, more Baby Boomers are retiring every day. The Boomers are one of the most active and independent generations in history and a growing trend today is the move toward aging-in-place. Aging-in-place means that an older person is making the conscious decision to safely and comfortably stay in their home [...]

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Universal Design: The Standards Benefits of Creating an All-Inclusive Environment

Today, there is a major trend in the new construction, interior design, and remodeling industry that has been rapidly gaining in popularity. As older homeowners are choosing to age-in-place, and the trend for multi-generational families living together continues to grow, universal design is becoming a much-requested approach to remodeling. The [...]

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The Importance of The Home In The Healing Process

At the beginning of the 20th century—the average human lifespan was only 47 years—and people with chronic conditions lived in institutions. Obviously, people are living longer today. The average lifespan has increased to 76, largely due to healthier living, better medicine, and vaccines and sanitation that have virtually eliminated [...]

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